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Konformance has changed

Konformance is now Velappity, the next generation of mobile data capture for field workforces ideally suited for field-based risk assessments & inspections, including Legionella risk assessments and fire safety risk assessments.

What is Konformance?

Konformance is a legionella documentation and reporting solution that enables you to replace your paper forms for your legionella documentation & reporting process,
with an easy to use mobile and web based app


Build Your Own Forms

Create your own forms using our forms builder based on your existing word documents.

Easy Job Allocation

Job allocation for one off reactive tasks and scheduler for preplanning and recurring tasks minimising the effort involved in mobilising your staff.

Easy Data Capture

Structure your questions to minimise clicks and manual data entry, improving efficiency & speed.

GPS Coordinates Capture

Shows precise GPS location captured for mapping and ‘safety at work’

Status Dashboard

Illustrates your client’s sites’ compliance status through various key performance indicators in real time.

Activity reporting

Overview of all jobs scheduled, due or overdue on a client and/or site basis.

The Konformance Web Application

View list jobs – list of jobs and their current status

View client sites – list of sites on a per client basis

Easy to use forms designer – create your own forms based on your own word documents

The Konformance Dashboard

Job summary chart – showing due and overdue jobs

Job timeliness view – showing the ‘time to complete’ status on all jobs

Compliance chart – graph showing compliance status for clients and/or sites.

The Mobile App

Section list of an extensive legionella risk assessment document

Questions utilising drop down options

Cold Water Storage Tank inspection form with photograph options



The use of best text possible, mandatory question, and flexible question types will make the output document as complete and comprehensive as possible, while still allowing for editing after the inspection has been completed.

Use your own documents

The report that is created by Konformance is based on your own legionella documentation –  no need to redesign a form that you have been using for years!

Fast and efficient

Mobile digital capture forms and automatic report creation will increase the efficiency and productivity of your legionella reporting & documentation process.  Replacing paper forms with a digital form will reduce cost, minimise time wasted and lessen the risk of human error.

Report storage

Each and every report, is stored in a searchable database which will allow fast and simple recovery of any document you and your client will need, 24/7!

Easy to use

Structured to easily gather the information you need with optimal question type, including open text, drop down, check box and voice to text controls.  Photographs and signatures are taken and automatically embedded in the report.


Your legionella documentation & reporting can be carried out while completely off-line so no live internet connection is needed.

If you need a Legionella Documentation & Reporting system or any field-based data gathering mobile solution, contact us on

info@konformance.com or 0141 352 2280